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NanoSkinners Theme Update Thread
Hey where are all the previews.
You can view a live demo @
good u
(2010-01-05, 01:30 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: Change the Editor Theme to default or Office 2007. That's a minor bug which I forgot to mention. It's because the theme was using a custom editor, but then I deleted it by accident.
I apologize for that issue, it has been corrected. The updates can be seen here:


ok i am still confused on what to do... which files do i upload so that I can fix the problems because it deosent say which files need to be uploaded for the update, because I dont want to re install the theme
ok I uploaded the editor themes folder, i still have the same problem....
Just reupload all of the theme files..
After that, change the editor theme to e-blu from the theme properties page.
good u
Thanks for the help, back to the thing as I was saying your themes are the best, they have so much features, and i like the javascripts type things on the styles and everything else.
I'm glad you're enjoying it Smile

Only one thing though - it's against our Terms of Use to remove our copyright without purchasing copyright removal. Please add the following code somewhere in your footer template:

Theme by <a href="" target="_blank">NanoSkinners</a>

Thank you for your understanding.
good u
lol I was thinking you would notice that, but ok bro.
Thanks for your support Wink
good u
question, on your demo, it has an image similar to your user card, under sponsers, does that have to stay?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Oh no, that's just to show you what can go there. Toungue
good u

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