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I have been playing with archive mode and was wondering if it was possible to add login, register and reply options to the archive mode if it is how can i achieve this?
You'll need a plugin to achieve this.

The "Archive" mode is simply that; an archive for your forum. It isn't meant to have those sort of options. There are plugins in development that will allow you to do this though.
Thanks i know there are some in development but do not give quite what i want. So far i have managed to just add a copy of these files to the archive folder then link to them to get login and register to work member.php and captcha.php.

Now all i need to do is get new thread and new reply to work.
I am presuming i would need to change code in the copied files archive/newreply.php and archive/newthread.php

would you know or be able to advise on these code changes?

I would be very very grateful.

All i want is, simple clean view that the archive mode gives and the ability to post new threads and reply to posts.

Here is what i have so far

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