[Request] Gamefilelds Icons
I noticed vbulletin has something like this and I was curious if MyBB had something similar or could someone create for MyBB?

This mod adds 3 fields to the User Control Panel allowing members to enter their gaming information in profiles.

[Image: gf_wii.gif]Nintendo Wii Friends Code
[Image: gf_xbox.gif]Xbox Live Gamertag
[Image: gf_playstation.gif]Playstation Network ID


* adds game id fields for users - edit your details
* displays game icons in profile - contact tab
* displays game icons in memberslist, postbit and post legacy
* No Template Edits! Uses plugins, phrases and hooks
* admincp settings enable/disable/display options
* Reusable code in $user array - fields added to user database table
You could do this without a plugin but it would require template edits, just call the values from the custom profile fields and display it as hover text over each image, not ideal but it works.
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my friend codes: http://www.mybbcentral.com/thread-1504.html
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