Modification for NewPoint System
I need a little modification for this nice plug...
can someone tell me how to make the script taking a user some points (direct number should be able to edit by myself) when he has written a new answer in a specific thread?

that would be so nice!

sorry for my ?bad? english, i am from germany... Smile
oh and another little modification would be nice...
i would love the function, that my moderators and global moderators could edit the users credits, too Smile

thx again!
Deducting points for posting in a thread? Weird, but i think MyPlaze had a similiar mod, i'll look for it if you are willing to switch.

Also your second request is possible already.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
i can not edit the credits of users inside the moderatorcp... :/
if myplaza is a better credits / point system i am willing to switch... but i think it would be better to stay... but if no one is able to write such a modification, i have to switch, hmm?! Sad
You want mods to edit the credits or earn them? Earn is possible. Edit i don't think is.

Myplaza was maintained by the person who made Newpoints. But it seems i was wrong it doesn't exist. Sorry.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
i need the credits of user are editable by moderators...
if someone could help me with this two modfications it would be so nice! Smile
I didn't like using NewPoints. I suggest using MyPS.

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