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Attention! We want your thoughts, Ideas and opinions! =D
Big Grin 
Well no doubt you've seen a hell of a lot of adverts for communities, etc.
There have been a tonnes of ad's for virtual communities and MMOCCs.

This isn't an ad though, so don't worry.

I basically want everyone and anyone's feedback on my site. We were one of the 1st concept MMOCCs after habbo hotel's popularity rose and were a close community waiting to welcome new users. We have never aimed to be like habbo or anyone else. From the start we have had fresh ideas and wanted to be original, more helpful and better managed. Up until recently we've kept quite a low profile while we got things organised, but now the site is semi functional I'd like some feedback and ideas from the general internet public.

Instead of dragging on and on I'll just give you the link.

<link removed>

I hope you enjoy browsing. I'll be happy to answer any questions or enquiries. =]

The Showcase forum is to show MyBulletinBoard forums, not vBulletin or other forums.

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