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Hi All,

I am a new user of MyBB....

I came to MyBB as the best free alternative to vBulletin, but i found that we still need to add some plugins to the base installation and then only the package installation is completed.

what i was thinking of was that i package the MyBB installer folder along with the custom plugin's of my Choice and provide that through my site.

No copywrite notice will be changed this will just be packaging simmilar to what RedHat or Debian do to GNU / Linux distro's packaging...

I hope i will not be voilating any terms and condition of MyBB.

Mod : please move this to proper forum in case this is not the right place to ask.
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As long as the licences of the plugins you want to package allow redistribution, it's fine. Note however that you'd then be responsible for making sure everything stays updated within the package.
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thanks for the response.

I will definitely make sure of that.

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