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(2010-06-05, 08:29 PM)OptiikzZ™ Wrote:
(2010-06-05, 11:10 AM)Rozzy Wrote: I find it a bit of a coincidence with your Forum Descriptions.

"For great discussions on various subjects and to have some fun relaxed topics you can enter our Lounge. Read the rules in the forums as trolling, spamming, or flaming are not allowed."

"Here you can have great discussions on various subjects and have fun , No trolling, spamming or flaming."


That is a convince .. But i am not even a member of HF...and I have not copied anything..So yea

It's fine if you did. You won't get banned or anything bad, you'll just get a little something from Labrocca telling you to be creative and not to take his ideas.. Nothing big Wink

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