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[For 1.6] Realize 1.6 [Release]
Quacktacular - you are quite right. The plugin and language file is missing. I swear I set these up because I remember having to copy the language file to inc/languages/english folder AND the inc/languages/english/admin folder. As I have done so many things since I set up it a few weeks ago, I can only think that I configured this on my test server and didn't do it on the live server. Anyway, appears to be working fine now. Many thanks for a great theme.
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(2010-11-04, 06:42 AM)quacktacular Wrote: @beth I think you (or a plugin) might have reverted one of my templates by accident. Try changing forumdisplay_newthread to:
<a href="newthread.php?fid={$fid}" class="forumbutton">{$lang->qthemes_new_thread}</a>

I'm not sure how the thanks plugin works. Easiest solution would be to put a postbit_thx.gif in /images/realize. If you want it to match my HTML/CSS buttons you add something like this to showthread with the other buttons.
<a href="whatever_link_thanks_plugin_uses" class="forumbutton">Thanks</a>&nbsp;

Genius! The solution for New Thread worked perfectly. Somehow the forumdisplay_newthread template had been changed.

For the Thanks plugin, I inserted the following code into the Postbit template:
<a href="{$post['tid']}&pid={$post['pid']}" class="forumbutton">Thanks</a>
<a href="{$post['tid']}&pid={$post['pid']}" class="forumbutton">Un-thank</a>

Not as clean and pretty pretty as your button codes, but it works! Thanks so much for your help!

Hey! I really like this theme, it's awesome!

I would like to use a graphic in the middle panel instead of the h1 text because I use a special font, so the text has to be displayed as a graphic. Everytime I try to change the code, the layout of the middle panel is changing in the wrong way. So, does anybody know how to do that? It should look the same, the only difference is a graphic instead of the h1 text!

<div class="middle_panel mp_round" onclick="location.href='{$mybb->settings['bburl']}';">
      [b]<h1 class="ts_round"  id="thetitle"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}">{$mybb->settings['bbname']}</a></h1>[/b]

Thanks a lot in advance!
safari, I can help if you post a link to to your forum.
Thank you very much, quacktacular! I have sent you an PN!

Thanks in advance!
Wow this theme is pretty neat!!
There is on more bug: when adding a new calendar event, the smileinserter does not show in the correct position. it is on top of the page, hardly noticeable... tested on safari, ie, chrome, firefox

I tried to fix it but it doesn't work... Huh
I downloaded this theme but I cant seem to find some of the things you have mentioned such as the plugin file and the language file. They are not included in the zip file.

And the banner isnt showing up it just is blank.
I think you may have downloaded the 1.4 version (the link I had on the first post was wrong):
(2011-02-28, 06:48 PM)quacktacular Wrote: I think you may have downloaded the 1.4 version (the link I had on the first post was wrong):

Oh! I'll try it again with the new version !! The theme looks stunnig btw Smile

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