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[For 1.6] Realize 1.6 [Release]
I love this theme. There is just one thing... I have been trying to edit the color of the text in the panel. It is currently White, and because the background of my banner is white also, it just seems a bit bland. I tried editing the text colour, but it doesn't seem to change. Also, there is a blue line that appears under it when hovering, not sure why. It wasn't on my older version of realize. Any ideas?
@ Moonrise
I had a look on it, modified all css classes related to the banner but nothing changed... sorry

I still don't know how to solve the smileinserter issue when adding a new calendar event. It appears on top of the page...

Don't know either how to replace the h1 in banner with a graphic without changing the layout (height of middle panel, inline-block, etc)

I would be pleased with any advice!

(2011-02-26, 03:11 AM)quacktacular Wrote: safari, I can help if you post a link to to your forum.

Hey quacktacular! Would you be so kind to help me with my problem?! I don't want to bother you, but I don't know how to replace the h1 banner in middle_panel with a graphic (logo with special font). Further on I don't know how to set the smileinserter when adding a new calendar event to its correct position (it is showing on top of the page, did not modify any settings)...

I hope you could find some time. I would really appreciate your assistance!
Very nice, i'm going to using it now Smile
You did a excellent job !
Software is like sex: it's better when it's free.
-Linus Torvalds
Does nobody has the same issues with the smilies when adding a new calendar event? They do not show up on the correct position, no matter which browser is used..

Here a screenshot from the Quacktacular Media Forum:

Thanks Safari. I'll try and figure out whats going on there.
The problem is more complicated than I hoped, and a long term fix will require some work by a plugin (have to evaluate a custom template).

I will put some time towards this soon, but in the mean time you can revert the Smile Inserter > simileinsert template. Your PM composer will look sort of strange. If you want to remove the inserter for PM composer only, you can edit the private_send template.
Thanks for your reply Quacktacular!

I don't really know how to revert the smileinsert template. I tried modify it as well as the calendar_addevent template so that the smileinserter appears on the right position.. However, it seems to work!

Would you be so kind to tell me how to replace the h1 text in the middle panel with a graphic showing my logo and without losing the layout?! This is the only thing I need to change before using your awesome theme..
(Global.css) Changing that display field in H1 from inline-block to none was making the entire banner vanish for me.

So I used the visibility command instead and was able to get it to go away. Now I only see my banner and not the overlay.

The issue I'm having now is getting the banner to be clickable to home, is there any easy workaround to this? I've seen some css tutorials of basically embedding a url and moving it off page but that seems like a sloppy method..

If only I had more CSS skills than my self described level of "meager" Smile Thanks Quacktacular this has been the ONLY theme I have liked after installing and checking out over 2 dozen the past 2 nights while building a new automotive forums.
"I don't really know how to revert the smileinsert template..." Options > revert (I think!)

The H1 <-> graphic situation is a bit more tricky, and I'll have to look into that also. I imagine you could simply replace the h1 with a graphic in .middle_panel, but the change would need to be made in both the welcome_block_member and guest templates. Hopefully I'll have time to look into these issues in the next week or so.
Somehwere along the way, our banner height shrunk. Not quite sure where/when. The site was transferred over and although all else is fine, the header is cut off at the bottom. Im still admin but don't have ftp access, just regular site admin via the admin panel. I realize we are using an outdated version of Mybb, but i think this is still the most compatible Realize version to use. Any ideas on how I can get the banner corrected?

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