Not Solved Attention Theme Developers: Free Theme Demo Hosting
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Attention Theme Developers: Free Theme Demo Hosting
I've been running a private development board for some time that I use mainly for messing around with plugins and such. I decided I could put it to good use so here's the deal:

If you need a "Live Demo" and can't host it on your server or are unable to provide a reliable link I'll be willing to host your theme for free on my development board which you can link to from your release thread.

All I ask in return is that you put a small link back to my main site ( in the release thread and in any release notes/readme documents/etc. That's it.

If you're interested, please send me a Private Message with the following details:

Name: Your username on this board
URL: Your main website URL
Theme Name: The name of your theme
Theme Version: The version of the theme you want hosted
Theme Release URL: The link to the release thread or mod site page
Reason: The reason you need me to host your theme (unable to reliably provide a demo, no access to a public server if you develop on a local server, etc).

I'll respond as soon as I can and I'll upload the theme to my server and make sure everything works at which point I'll message you the link to your theme.
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