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Doctors Companion - Doctor Who Site
Would that be in my global css?
(2011-04-19, 10:53 AM)Doctors Companion Wrote: Would that be in my global css?

I guess it, yes. Search for .top_links in your global css and add "width:400px;" between the brackets { }
Done! Big Grin Thanks guys, should be sorted now!
uick suggestion,apart theme is old and it needs a good theme.
Another,your sideboxes in main the welcome block for guests,is changed to welcome block user.
That means gusts can see the usercp link in sidebox......more number of empty forums scare away the users...try adding more forums after you get reasonable member accounts.

Smile all the best.i wish you success.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Made a few tweaks to DC! The postbit im specially proud of lol! Big Grin
Changed the main theme of DC to something more managable and suitable! Big Grin Really like it Big Grin
Hey guys, ive updated the theme, and wanted to get thoughts on the new style on the site Smile
There is a 5 bump limit, and you have bumped this thread over 5 times already. Because of this, I am closing your thread.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.

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