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ISR Forums
Top secret info, Passwords, Mercenaries, Spys, Hacking and Cracking.

Here is my website address:

And my forum address:

The front page is where I do my Free advertising for other websites/forums, and the forum is my dicussion board.

I have a theme on (blueism) and modified the "New Post" Icon.
I also have a link to the portal at the top links.

(Is there any way to edit how the portal is laid out?)

i think these are elligal content!!
We're not doing any thing illegal. Just trying to make a resource for passwords, cheats, hints on hacking and such. We have never done anything illegal.

these forums moved to

I'm admin there now. Smile
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I just came here to post the link to my site!
(I guess you beat me to it....)

The Forum URL is:

You're an admin, yes, but not the sole admin Toungue
(You made it sound as if you took over ISR !)

(a 1337_haxor)
I liked your first theme that you posted, except for the fact that it looks so small on my laptop (1440x960 resolution). Your second one is just too much like the original mybb theme.
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