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[Image: promo.png]

Dynaxel Design is community dedicated to the development of MyBB themes both premium and free. It is ran by Jessie Sanford and Mark Fumagalli who provide support for the people who are developing themes themselves or those who need it in general. We also take logo/banner, custom theme, and custom web template requests.

We offer a variety of both free and premium MyBB themes, our premium themes range from $6.99 and up which can be purchased from the downloads center.

Join us today!

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

I love the theme, topic of the forum, and pretty much everything. Nice job! Smile
Dynaxel's community theme is my most favorite theme ever.

Keep up guys, and its worth to get your subscription.
Thanks for the feedback, currently working on 2 new designs that should be available before Christmas/New Years Smile

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

Pros: Beautiful design, and beautiful designs Wink (In the portfolio) Nice fluid navigation, perfect breakdown of forum categories (not too much and not too little), professional and website has a nice feeling of elegance blended with modernity...

Cons: Site loaded slightly on the slow side...not too much of an issue though

Overall Score: 9.0/10

NB: Reviewed on my IPad.
The domain is for sale. PM me.

Learn more about me at
Me on Twitter | linkedin
I like your design but I feel it's not some of your best work. It also has too many images which makes it load really slow.
Im done with this crap. Bye
i am a huge fan of the theme ...but yeah

as others said loaded pretty slow for me and i'm on a 7.2mb/s connection
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin
Great work Jessie, I love it.
Your forum's theme is a lot nicer than the themes you're actually selling, which is not a good thing imo.
Good point, which is why I decided to scrap all current work (don't worry just throwing it on a usb stick incase I want to work on anything in the future) and I'm going to spend a good majority of this upcoming weekend in PS designing some new and unique themes both free and premium. Also I have an update on lightworks inspired by uncontrols post in-fact Toungue

Took an hour out of my day after-school and revamped lightworks a bit...

[Image: 62560695.png]

Currently working on the icons to make them look more Itunes styled.

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

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