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Forum ready. Now What?
I just put up my forum for a Summer Camp (spanish):

I want to work more on the theme later, but I think I need to take care of more important things first:

- What are the next steps to be successful with my forum?
- How do I bring people to sign up as users?
- I guess content is a big thing. How do I start. Do I just start posting myself? Should I ask some people I know to answer what I post?

I need to bring traffic to my forum! Any Advice?


Well nothing comes easly and fast, it needs time. However try to follow somethings from here

That bright green hurts my eyes.

As for getting members... yeah, check that thread.
Also, word-of-mouth will be your biggest traffic draw; therefore, if you offer something worthwhile that people can't get everywhere else they go, your traffic will benefit from it.
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Go to the camp that you made the forum about and ask them to tell people about it for you. I find that when you have a connection like that, it helps to grow because people want to talk about their camp experiences and the like. You have a really nice logo, and you could do a theme to go along with it well. If you would like any help, please contact me!
Chris - my personal site and little graphic/web/print design operation

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