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"The" Forums
#1 or
It's my forums for ScribbleTown Productions and it is also an all round forum called "the" forum. So please join because I will be posting my games and programs there soon!
- Jaiden
#2 is a masked domain, and it will not let anyone to login.
Umm you board isn't customized, at all. umm you really need a unique look and content.

" is a masked domain, and it will not let anyone to login." <- that's not true. Confused
Well yes, masked domain causes login troubles due to the cookie settings.

I had once a and no one was able to login, others also had same thing.

not perticuraly, i had a and had no issues
If you set it up wrong, ofcourse it will.
some post from the early days Toungue

and here's one for willow

moreoverBig Grin try to login on his board.
Yea, this place might have a great idea, but it needs a theme bad. So, if you want one for free, PM me!
Chris - my personal site and little graphic/web/print design operation
well I thought I turned masking off, but I guess I didn't. Oh well I will do that now.
EDIT: I have now changed the theme. Check it out Cool
Erm.. I have yet to see someone that has fully changed a theme on MYBoard..
Liek not jsut changed gradients and put a orange logo on, Mine is orange as i dont have any time, it will look good soon hopefully
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