Not Solved PHP in Template!
Not Solved
Okey, do this.
Go to Index.php
while(list($key, $forum) = each($main))
Add over:
$cstyle = 0;
eval("\$forumlisting .= \"".$templates->get("forumbit_depth$depth$forumcat")."\";");
add over:
if($cstyle == 3) {
    $csty = '<tr><td width="250px" valign="top"><strong><font color="#000080"><u>'.$forum['name'].'</u></font></strong>'.$forums.'</td></tr>'; /// make new line every 3 Categorys.
} else {
    $csty = '<td width="250px" valign="top"><strong><font color="#000080"><u>'.$forum['name'].'</u></font></strong>'.$forums.'</td>'; /// make only category without new line.
if($cstyle == 3) $cstyle = 0;
Then go to forumdisplay.php and do the same there, then add $csty in the template.
Not Solved
it still not doing new line every 3 Cats.. can you check that in your board?
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