How to set all users to the same timezone and stop them from changing it
This tutorial is wrong because of a bug. If you remove the time settings form in registration page, new users register with UTC 0 / GMT 0 and DST off, no matter what you set in ACP. The bug is that the form is required instead of optional. I don't know how to put it in the right words as I'm not really good at English.

Here are the details how I solved this issue
Nice tutorial. I am going to do this
Why would anyone do this?
(2015-05-30, 10:36 PM)Patchy the Pirate Wrote: Why would anyone do this?

Some boards are made for a specific region so the timezone would be the same. The admin in this case probably doesn't want people not in that region to be a part of that community.
hi friend

okay good and works !

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