Didnt know where to ask for this
Hi guys im putting together a promotion forum and i have run into a bit of a wall.Everything else is really easy but i need to have a different text drop down menu.You know where the font text and the text area is i need an extra box saying

Open in Green
Closed in red
On Hold in purple
Completed in yellow
Waiting in brown
Added in blue
in progress orange
Rejected red

Thank you in advance i am using the cure theme and im running the most up to date mybb board which is 1.6.3
I think you mean Prefixes ?

Go to: ACP > Configurations > Thread Prefixes > Click on "Add New Thread Prefix" tab > and made a thread prefix using the following options.
Prefix - Its an option which show thread prefix on thread prefix option list on new thread pages and edit post pages.
Display Style - This is how the prefix will appear next to thread subjects. You may enter HTML markup here or simply use the same as the plain text version above.
Available in forums - If you wish to show that prefix in all forums then select "All Forums" option, otherwise, if you want to show in selective forums then select "Select forums" and then select the forums you wish to add that prefix in.
Available to groups - Similarly, If you wish to show that prefix to all usergroups then select "All groups" option, otherwise, if you want to show to selective usergroups then select "Select groups" and then select the usergroups you wish usergroups to show that prefix.

Press "Save Thread Prefix" button.

You may use <span> tags to colorize your prefixes, like this;
<span style="color: #FFFF00; font-weight: bold; font-size: 11px;">YOUR_PREFIX</span>
Thank you so much will go and try that now.Thats really awesome thank you for getting back to me
No problem at all =)
I put the span code in but i cant get it to work
Everything else is now working thankyou its just the colour now.I place it in where it says your html code or plain text or have i got it completely wrong
Itsokay i used the span code i use for my legend

<span style="color: green;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

And changed the username to what i wanted it to be thank you so much
You're welcome Wink

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