IMG tag messup
The bbcode parser doesn't work properly.

If you place 2 images after eachother like this:
[ img][/img] possibly some text
[ img][/img]

It parses it as 1 image, taking the first img and the last /img tag as one image. Therefore the link is incorrect (because it takes "[/img] possibly some text
[ img]" as link), so the image(s) won't show up.

You can fix it by placing some extra code in between, like this:
[ img][/img][ b][/b]
[ img][/img]

I think the bbcode parser misses a quantifier minimizer in it's regex?

[Image: squall_cartoon.gif] possibly some text
[Image: squall_sig1.gif]

working fine here as you can see
I'm using 1.1.2, and it still happens...

[Image: postbit_email.gif][Image: postbit_email.gif]

Hmm this one works... must be something wrong with my installation.
could you give us a link pls
Working fine for me, , i have tested it on your board.

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