Getting frustrated with these problems
I'm inclined to conclude that this is a problem relating to Safari. I haven't been able to replicate anything that you've described so far. Do you have anyone not using a mac that is experiencing problems as you described?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Hehe, Dennis....

Syzygy Wrote:It's worth mentioning that the truncation error occurs not just in Safari though; all of my members are reporting it and only a few of them are Mac users.

I've noticed that when I used my mac at school, the avatars that are randomly generated from a php script get offset, but that is all I've ever seen happen relating to browser specific template schemes.
Stalebuff's post (replicating the problem) was on Internet Explorer.
In the truncated(2) thread I made two posts that are truncated.

The first one was doing a single quote on the original post while using Safari.

The second one (the last post of the page) was quoting somone's quote (so double quote) using Internet Explorer.
Is it only truncated after you submit the new message?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Yes. The message appears fine in the input field, and only becomes truncated once the post is complete.
To help speed things up for Safari I've turned on Gzip compression and set a server load limit ... maybe that will do the trick :?
DennisTT Wrote:Is it only truncated after you submit the new message?

When you preview the message, the message is complete, but when you actually submit it is when it truncates.

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