Help w/ coding manual delete thread, what tables should i update..
(2011-08-10, 04:24 AM)ranjani Wrote: ^ hmm., reinventing the wheel wastes time & resources ... anyway, please see this

well yes, but what's the point in using the wheel if you wanted something of a different shape? modifying the wheel to take a different shape wastes more time and resources, and will be plagued by problems..

if you must know, my script will not only delete.. per user..i can also select to mass delete by IP address, email address used, or even a SEARCH STRING in posts.. way more advanced than avaialable plugin..

another function of it is that, i have actually modified the mybb_user table and added a column to tag spammers.. and changed the login script to allow LOGIN of these spam accounts making them think they're still active, but then send them to a fake post page or script, and from there i can do things w/ the data they're posting.. this is for speciifc spammers of interest only..

i have the option to user DELETE, BAN, or CHANGE the password only of the spam accounts , again for various reasons w/c i dont need to explain anymore

hehe so no it's not reinventing the wheel, i'ts developing something better.. i just wish i had the time to study plugin dev, so i can share my work.. but right now it's just so much easier/faster for me to simply hard code it.

and updating isnt a pain, i noted exactly where to re-insert my codes..and takes only 5 minutes after a successful update Smile

SOooooo anyway, thanks much for that.. i didnt know it was as simple as deleting mybb_post and mybb_threads entries.. i thought i had to edit some stats, counts, or alter other table entries or whatever.

Thanks a bunch Smile

MyBB = awesome
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