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Official Domain Giveaway |,,
Sorry if this isn't allowed. On my webmaster forum; ZiesWeb I'm having a domain giveaway. I thought you guys would like to enter, you can simply sign-up and get started on winning a premium domain name. Here is an excerpt from the thread on ZW:
Quote:For every 5 posts you make after this thread creation, you may have ONE post in this thread. For every referral you make, you can make TWO posts in this thread. For every 10 posts your referral makes, you can make ONE post in this thread.

At a specified time, I will use and generate a number. That post number will receive choose their domain. Then I'll generate another time, and that person will pick a domain. Then the last number gets the un-chosen domain. So even if you're in 3rd place you can get the domain you want!

The more posts and referrals you have, the higher your chance is. So tell your friends, and start posting.

  • No faking referrals
  • No horribly low quality posts
  • Do not post more times than you're allowed. I'll keep this thread updated with current eligible members. -- let's go!

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Official Domain Giveaway |,, - by BitzDefender - 2011-09-01, 09:39 PM

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