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This will help you Smile

(2011-07-26, 06:22 PM)faviouz Wrote: Well, you can't just "block" bots by enabling a button or something. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Spam will always be a problem on the internet. And even though nowadays spam is created by real humans instead of bots, there are ways to reduce it. I recommend installing these plugins:

These should help stop most spammers during registration. But for those who get it in, you can also use these:

Those last two are, in my opinion, the best protection you can take against spammers. Why? Spammers usually register with the goal to spam your forum with links to their client's websites. By stopping them from using links in signatures, profiles and posts, they will probably leave and never come back. Who cares about a few nonsense posts, it's free content. At least I know they failed their mission!

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