Remove IP information from posts
Okay, so personally I am sick and tired of seeing IP addresses, in any post. I prefer looking at a member's profile when I need to see that kind of information, and I'm sure some others don't like seeing a "Logged" message when they post.

Here's how to do it.

Go to Admin CP > Templates and Styles > Default > Post Bit Templates

In postbit_iplogged_show, find and remove:

<p class="smalltext">{$lang->postbit_ipaddress} {$post['ipaddress']}</p>

In postbit_iplogged_hiden, find and remove:

<p class="smalltext">{$lang->postbit_ipaddress} <a href="moderation.php?action=getip&amp;pid={$post['pid']}">{$lang->postbit_ipaddress_logged}</a></p>

Make sure you leave both of them empty (yes, empty). There you have it. Smile
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