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Jason L built theme 8e which is just about exactly what I was looking for in a "look" for my forum. My previous experience with websites is iWeb. I know that's extremely weak, but it is what it is, so I need some help. Not a lot as the theme is close and I just need to add some details like my logo and a few others.
I am neither a complete neophyte nor am I stupid, but the instructions I have found don't work for me and it is frying my lobes with frustration! So where can I get some simple help? I catch on fast, so what do I do, contact Jason L? How?
I know Jason et al put a ton of time in on these projects and using the themes seems a way to show our appreciation. Maybe I could kick a few bucks toward some helpful soul, we'll see. I need to get past this log jam and into building a forum population.
Any thoughts? Please advise.

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