[Tutorial] Moving a [very] large database without any data loss!
Oh! I just understood something, you actually need to be the root on both the old and the new server if you want to transfer DB with shell, hmmm, that wasn't my case I moved from a host to a server...

but anyway, mysqldump is a very complex command:

mysqldump does not dump the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database by default.
If you are doing a backup on the server and your tables all are MyISAM tables, consider using the mysqlhotcopy instead
Use of --opt is the same as specifying --add-drop-table, --add-locks, --create-options, --disable-keys, --extended-insert, --lock-tables, --quick, and --set-charset. All of the options that --opt stands for also are on by default because --opt is on by default.
(source: MySQL doc)

About rsync:

The Apache HTTP Server only supports rsync for updating mirrors.
rsync -avz --delete --safe-links rsync.apache.org::apache-dist /path/to/mirror
(source: Wiki)

I don't understand a word from what is written above! Maybe you can do a tut to explain how to do a backup transition using your SHELL commands?
(PS: I have a server Smile)
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