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Not Solved Showing aditional usergroups also on forumteam page
Not Solved
(2012-03-16, 01:51 AM)Leefish Wrote: Showteam.php is one of the core files - you find it in your forum root. Try making a copy of it and then looking at the queries to edit it.

I had a look and it seems that what you want is supported but you will have to edit:

	// Are they also in another group which is being shown on the list?
	if($user['displaygroup'] != 0)
		$group = $user['displaygroup'];
		$group = $user['usergroup'];

So do you have the BETA tester group set as a secondary group for the moderators and do you have that set to display on the list?

Yes I have set is as secondary group and have it set that it need to be visible at the teampage..

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