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PD-Proxy | Bypass the Censorship
As internet restrictions are common, which may be at the office, schools, collages, or at various hot-spots which restricts us to visit sites that we want or block VoIP and Skype services, music/movie & game downloads.

To Bypass such censorship's one can use certain tools and methods but, most of them are quite large to implement and use. Here the comes the VPN which can easily bypass the restrictions by tunneling the network. But, again there are a number of VPN providers available and it became quite cumbersome to select the one to go with.

Now,Here comes PD PROXY, one of the Major VPN service Provider over the INTERNET. It not only tunnels the internet for bypassing the restrictions, but also maintains your security by encrypting the data transmission and maintains an Anonymous identity over internet.

- Hides your Identity over public networks by encrypting the data transmitted.
- Maintains you Anonymous over internet by Masking your original IP with their IP.
- With PD proxy you can able to tunnel any network over TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols.
- With its automated port scanning you can search for Open Ports on the network and get connected over it.

- 30 + online servers at different locations around the Globe, you can select best server depending on your location.
- Dedicated Gaming & Torrent Servers.
- No installation needed (Just run the Client and Connect).
- Unlimited Bandwidth & Uncapped Speeds (You can get max. speed that you ISP provides).
- Premium Services just from 3.50 $ a month.
- 100mb daily free trial. (<snip>)

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