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What is your feedback regarding Cloudflare?
(04-12-2012, 03:14 AM)Fluid Mantis Wrote:
(04-10-2012, 08:14 PM)damoncloudflare Wrote: We don't do anything that would re-write urls in the manner you're describing. Are you using any other caching services or caching plugins on your site?

This is going to be kind of long, but...

 8AAAAGIyEbRkMpNEhDQFREQVhOS2JeW3ZnZIJrZoptaI10b5V6dZmBmJaIhKScmLOuPT22s8fGtmJdM5 ljAAAAAXRSTlMAQObYZgAAAZVJREFUSMe1lY1uwyAMhHMtyzY2mh/e/11nbCBAEuJU2lUKisRXn21whu ENAc0rLolpLndhxopCJ1GmQOW3GXOhLiSmpqkiOpBzE8jjXgIdOCXE4YiIUNK6Fox1QridKn6l4mxIVu UDDYRpQ1AAmydy0iAOGyH5hJJFJIaxlWhnQn6QC8AL7f1kYayEEfmUbH44Em3+YmEnIX6D5ElrtPjNiq eBHmwxJ79HdpVreil+WySCdSfnKhUCpShVkVB3cs7OJExYukjZyVTCQGUkt7+w6YozRkoU4vIRdIoIw5 vHukAnzY8MHg/YsavqvhH/ej2fgSx3HHelQcIvpX8xacSYs4m4HE5hn5OK6oCIlBdTS6QDaZ0W4avJzX BOk4mXKDDGQBGGEL94MRWI4ZLhIAUiQ6rLwHu/LAs9xZf8S4+BDUCQj0H42lmLfiZCbMjuW9VmwgzXzE Dz5RPCV74GVb38TSSY4oKpiLE4kfcRra83kQjpfEVEbq8SYUZmhNKXTFeJog3Cg1+GllEj8XNhzC0kYc P/6A/XwSpsK54anQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

That is an example of what one of my images' URLs had become. Fortunately, a while after disabling CloudFlare it returned to normal. However, since you claim it is unlikely to be a result of CloudFlare, I'll investigate the plugins I'm using, although I can't think of what could cause it. And as far as I know, I'm not using any caching services but I'll take a look at my panels.

Very strange. We don't do anything that would re-write URLs for sure. The only thing that I can think of is a plugin that works off of JS, which might be an issue with Rocket Loader & that could be busting something (try turning that off in your settings).
Damon, CloudFlare Community
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