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[Duplicate] Notifications as in XenForo and esoTalk!
(2012-03-06, 11:40 PM)Ryan Loos Wrote: you can be alerted to all those things - just not in the way you would prefer.
Next 20 years, we will can be alerted to subscribed threads(etc) in the way is mentioned! but, It won't be customary.
Xenforo (and the other boards) are swapping their old ways with new ones using Jquery and Ajax. Xenforo probabely will solve its problems with ajax graduately and everyday so better.
What about MyBB? MyBB still doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor as default! when a large scale of boards are possessing a wysiwyg as in: SMF, Xenforo, Vanilla, vBulletin, ...
Escaping from ajax(or new things) will kill MyBB!

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