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Developed Assassin's Creed Forum - [Runs MyBB - Organic Traffic - Custom Theme]
If you are interested please direct your attention to the official Digital Point sales thread.
Site Url:


For sale is a 6 month old Assassin's Creed Forum, which is a popular video game for Xbox360 and PS3 consoles. The game is huge in many countries and is searched on Google over a million times per month. The thing is, people have no place to discuss this game. That is what this forum is for. With a custom theme priced at $24.99, custom artwork/logo/userbars, a good starting userbase/post count, and a very friendly environment that draws in 85% of its traffic with Google and search engines, Assassin's Domain is the forum for you.

Why am I Selling?

I started Assassin's Domain on September 30th, 2011 with the intention of creating a home for Assassin's Creed fans. I worked my lime off on SEO, purchased the custom theme you see, advertised for posts, and suddenly I lost my drive. I just lost the passion, and I gave up. The site had little activity, no SEO results, and I felt like a failure. But then I noticed something...people were posting. People were becoming friends on my forum. People who yearned for a forum to discuss their favorite game found my site off Google. It was then I knew this forum had potential, but I knew I still had no passion for it. So that is why I am here to sell Assassin's Domain, I am here to pass it down to somebody who can make it a success.


Assassin's Domain's stats are definitely something impressive, for the amount of time it has been inactive. It is a pagerank 2 domain, it has 620 backlinks, and a 6 month old domain. That will make any SEO adventure you attempt an instant success because of the foundation I've created. Here are the two stat trackers I used on AD, so I'll post them both so you can get an accurate reading.

[Image: 3qMuB.png]
[Image: ZqsxD.png]

[Image: RZWkK.png]
[Image: Iu38N.png]

As you can see, the site has a strong SEO presence.

What is included?

-PR2 Domain
-$24.99 custom theme from Audentio Designs
-Assassin's Domain MyBB Database
-Complete ownership of the board
-Free support from me (I will moderate the board for you if you wish)

Why should I buy this?

The possibilities are endless. People everywhere are looking for a unique community to discuss assassin's creed. I've give you the greatest start you could imagine. A great SEO track record, great amount of daily visits, active posters (and these people want to see the site succeed, they will help you out), a custom theme to separate you from the little competition there is, and there is infinite ways to monetize. I currently have an upgrade system setup for $5 per 3 months for members to upgrade their accounts. You can also place ads easily on the website.

If you want to own a successful forum, and you want to make it big, this is what you need. I'm asking for a $140 BIN which is more then reasonable for the money I've put in and the money the forum earns. Bidding starts at $20.00 and has $5.00 increments. Snag this before it is too late.

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