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Need a Custom Plugin coded.
I'm looking for a plugin to be coded that can be similar to the calender feature of MyBB.

I want it to be able for each member(of a specific group) to submit their Monthly/Weekly schedule. Similar to events but like what time they're free, and what days can they play and what not(It's for my Gaming Clan).

I need to know a Price and your experiences in coding. I don't want a plugin that's been coded very poorly. I want it organized and easy enough for me to read through it and understand it for future changes.

I also, if possible, integrated in the Calender Feature. I will most likely pay through PayPal, or if you prefer AlertPay or LibertyReserve that's fine too. I'm thinking that this isn't a hard-to-code plugin so it should be too high like $50... or even $30 maybe.

Version: 1.6.7(Hoping this plugin will be compatible with future MyBB Updates)

I'm a GFX Artist, and I can make a few GFX for you for a discount or maybe a full trade(GFX for Plugin).

May not release this for free anywhere.
May not sell it for the same or cheaper price as I paid for.
May sell it to others if only I am notified.

Testing/Final Product:
If you need to test the plugin or upload files and what not, I cannot give you the FTP because it's connected to a Dedi Server and you have access to everything and not just the forum. You can upload it to a free file sharing website, prefer but must put a password on the .zip/.rar file. Same goes with the final product, must be locked with a password, don't want this to be leeched!(Unless sold.. which sooner or later will be leeched but still..)

Email: [email protected]
Simply PM me on here.


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