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Photoshop Studio | Increase your Creativity | A home of Photoshop
(05-09-2012, 01:36 PM)brad-t Wrote:
(05-09-2012, 12:55 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Thread cleaned up. If you're having trouble with leaving constructive criticism, don't post.

I've said this a thousand times, but you can only give constructive criticism if there is something good to construct upon. You can't give constructive criticism for something with no redeeming qualities. This is bad. It's ugly. This guy clearly has no business starting a community about Photoshop. Sometimes people need the hard truth.

Suggest ways they can improve, what they need to be doing. Calling him an idiot isn't helpful to anyone.

You can be constructive about what's bad about the forum but you need to give him something to work on rather than plainly saying it sucks.

For example:

I'm not to keen on the theme. It doesn't work for a graphics forum. It's way too dark, and the background image lags the site.

The logo could use some improvement too, after all, it is a graphics forum. Cutting the blank space from the bottom is a start. It's uneeded and just takes up more room.

You have too many forums too. Remove the Groups and VIP forums. As a startup community you won't have anyone to buy a membership. Wait a round 6 months and if you have an active userbase then, then consider adding a premium membership. I'd also suggest removing your market place. It's a graphics forum, not a market place. If users start demanding a market place and your sure it will be active then by all means add it but at the current state of your forum it's just not needed.

You should also start writing up some PS tutorials to start getting members in. Unique content is king for a forum.

Lastly, buy a top level domain (E.g. .com). You forum won't succeed on a free .tk domain. No forum ever does. If you want to have a successful forum you need to put some money towards it, if only a couple of dollars per year.
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