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[3 copy sale] Gamer.Co -dark mybb theme for gaming communities
Hello friends,

Probably this is the last template i was kept pending quite a few months from now.

Now i complete it and present to you the " Gamer.Co ".

The template is dark,best suits gaming forums the most and you can add it to any forum of your choice.

Not looking for many sales,just a 3 copies of the theme would be sold.

Into the features :

1.Css3 based Dropdown menu,buttons and hover effects.
2.Jquery login and userpanel options,cat descriptions and tooltips.
3.Stylish ribbons and to top button and hover effects.
4.Suits all gaming forums,clean design,with professional forum bit and lots more.

Can we have a preview ???????

Yep for sure...

Here are the pics of the theme :

1.Index theme

2.Index description

3. Post Layout

4.Drop Down menu

5. Profile Page

Demo is not available and for those who are interested to buy,i will provide a demo for sure.

Well then ,What's the price?????

As this is a 3 copy sale the price is just $30 for a copy.
<If anyone want the theme as a whole(if you want to own by yourself) then it is @70$ with a free copyright removal>

As my 25th birthday is near,an offer for the first person who acquires the theme,which is a free copyright removal which is worth $10.

How to buy ?????

So inorder to buy the theme as always,please contact my dearest friend,my partner "Kavin" in here in mybb or contact us via e-mail

[i][email protected]
[email protected][/i]


Quote:1 Copy of the theme was already out and sold.
Thanks to CODMEDIA.NET team for grabbing the first copy.
As afforesaid there is a free copyright removal for their forum.
All the best guys Smile

Testimonials :

As said by The Owner of Owner iTzz_MaDnEsS
Quote:I provide a vouch for the theme.
My site:
The theme is perfect, and completely finished, and quite easy to edit.
Easily worth $50.
5/5, GREAT theme mate!

Only 1 copy left grab them soon

Final Word......

Looking for only constructive feedback,no trolls or lol's Wink
Thank you guys for really showing interest in my themes.
we love you guys,

Envira Phani
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]

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