MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
(2012-05-28, 01:28 AM)Pixlr Wrote: Will you have a modal available to view alerts on any page?


(2012-05-28, 01:40 AM)Omar G. Wrote: Sticking a link in header could suffice for regular users (like the buddies window). But I would like to know how do you plan to make it more fancy and attractive.

You shall see Wink The plugin will add a new stylesheet is all I can say right now...

(2012-05-28, 03:50 AM)Elegant Totality Wrote:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Guests have not got access to the Alerts functionality' in /home/euantor/webapps/mybb_euantor/inc/plugins/MyAlerts/Alerts.class.php:87 Stack trace: #0 /home/euantor/webapps/mybb_euantor/inc/plugins/myalerts.php(446): Alerts->getAlerts(0) #1 /home/euantor/webapps/mybb_euantor/inc/class_plugins.php(101): myalerts_page('') #2 /home/euantor/webapps/mybb_euantor/misc.php(24): pluginSystem->run_hooks('misc_start') #3 {main} thrown in /home/euantor/webapps/mybb_euantor/inc/plugins/MyAlerts/Alerts.class.php on line 87

I suggest putting it in the header_welcomemember template so that guests don't get this error. But I'll register and test it out. =)

Oops. I'll fix that asap.

(2012-05-28, 11:06 AM)ProVirus Wrote: [Image: EL6lx.png]


Hm. That's an odd one. I'll look into it.

(2012-05-28, 11:18 AM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Exploiting things is fun. Shy

[Image: S5wbm.png]

As usual Nathan found a bug. How did I guess Wink

(2012-05-28, 11:32 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: Ahaha, look at Nathan. Toungue

Edit: Euan, do have a look at this:

I'll have a look just now.

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