MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
(2012-07-21, 04:49 AM)Sector Wrote: It's working nicely so far!

Just a question: you added Alerts.css in Master Style (and correctly so, thus it applies to all themes), but if we want to preserve inheritance by having this common stylesheet, we will have to edit MyBB Master Style and that can only be done by altering "functions_themes.php", so it raises another question:

Wouldn't it be useful to have an editable masterglobal.css where we could add CSS common to all themes without touching either MyBB Master Style or any of our themes?

I should make this a suggestion.

Correction... The dropdown list is not working for me. When I click, it goes directly to the page showing all alerts. Undecided

I'll see what I can do regarding the style. As for the dropdown, it should work fine if other dropdowns on the site do. It uses MyBB's internal dropdown function...

I've also received an idea from Tierney that I'd like some feedback on as I'm not sure whether to implement it or not...

Quote:A feature that could be neat to have is notifications on a per-forum basis. This means that a forum ID could be passed to the getNumAlerts() (and, similarly, getNumUnreadAlerts()) function and it would return the number of alerts contained within that forum.

One possible use of this feature is to insert a div in the thead of a category or next to a listed forum's name that shows the amount of notifications in that forum.

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