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Not Solved Login Problem (lower-case)
Not Solved
It's going to be hard for us to support you with something that wasn't recommended. If you have issues with upgrading you should have come to us and we could have helped you out.

If you still have the original database and 1.4 files I'd suggest you try to upgrade to 1.6 latest and tell us any issues or errors you encounter. That'll be much easier than trying to make your own fixes which in the end will most likely cause some sort of problem we can't fix.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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Login Problem (lower-case) - by babaroga - 2012-05-23, 11:11 PM
RE: Login Problem (lower-case) - by Nathan Malcolm - 2012-05-23, 11:16 PM
RE: Login Problem (lower-case) - by babaroga - 2012-05-23, 11:24 PM

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