Not Solved MyBB Publisher Access Token Error
Not Solved
Hello, I have been using "MyBB Publisher" for a long Time. But After Updating my board from 1.6.6 to 1.6.8, a problem occurred while I tried to activate the plugin again.

I only needed the facebook publishing, so did exact things I used before.
  • I made an app on FB, and found the required info, like this:
    [Image: b4e4e42849043862f1380a3083772130.gif]

  • I put those data in the required field in the Configuration Settings:
    [Image: 3e8b1e075fe63a903128290719753d7f.gif]

  • I verified app setting ID and got an output like this:
    Name: MyBB Publisher
    Application Link:

  • When I tried the Step 2: Get Access Token for your Personal FB Account.
    The following page is shown in FB:
    [Image: b706a9d7cfa04a717a43992cbdf799e3.gif]

So can anyone help me with this? This isn't working now, and I can't get a clue. Sad

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