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Webmaster needed
I need a webmaster for my mybb forum. It's up and running, and I can do most things that need to be done, but there's some issues with some plugins I cannot figure out, and a few things that need to be done from time to time. Ideally for example I would be able to email you and say "1.8 is out and I need to upgrade" and you'd reply with "I'll do it for $xx.00 ... etc." Other work more involved than that would be fine at an hourly rate if I ever need that kind of work.

Ranjani was doing these things for me but unfortunately no one has heard from her in months. I hope she's okay.

Reply here or PM me for details if you are interested or can refer me to someone. New members with little or no history in the community please do not contact me.

Staff if this is not the correct section please move.

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Webmaster needed - by K e v i n - 2012-07-16, 04:26 PM
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