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Site Hacked.
If I were you, I have had a forum hacked by a known hacker (Shadow008) it was a easy target for him and he knew it. So he hacked my site and put up his deface page, he knew what he was doing which made it frustrating for me. Anyway, if I was you, I would head over to HF and pay a known white hat hacker to help you. What white hat hackers will do, is hack your site, but report back to you how they done it and tell you of vulnerabilities. Obviously you need to make sure you can trust the person, but hiring a white hat hacker (that knows what they are doing of course) is your best bet, obviously there is noway to make your forum "hack" proof, but hiring a white hat hacker (the right one) will make it certainly come close. Anyway, glad to see you got your forum back. May I ask what made that hacker target your forum? mine was I advertised my site on Shadow's which annoyed him, I am just curious if there is a pattern in hackers ways.

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