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Not Solved Interesting merge problem, impacting counts
Not Solved
So..I merged a MYBB board to another MYBB board with a new domain.

That was a success....

However, I did a few test runs...and each time I simply deleted forums and started again (if I didn't it would create duplicate forums).

So forum looks great, works great....all is well.....EXCEPT.....the counts of posts per user and threads, about 5 times what it should be.

I suspect this is because while I deleted the forums..the data stil exists (and this is where the recoun & rebuild pulls from.

SO...what do I do? I know when I merged most there a way to delete the old data from the database by timestamp?

Any help is appreciated.

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Interesting merge problem, impacting counts - by mrfield16 - 2012-08-11, 08:46 PM

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