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(2016-08-26, 11:47 PM)brad-t Wrote: Looks fine to me. I mean, it's not a particularly stunning email or anything but I can appreciate the clarity of it. I think the biggest issue is that "Password Reset" overshadows so immensely the source (Asperger's Network) that I wouldn't even notice it at first.

Also, "Forgotten password reminder" is a strange subject. It's not a reminder since it was sent at the user's request immediately. Something like "reset your password"?

It's not designed to be "stunning"; it's designed to be clear and concise.

I agree, on reflection: the subject is just strange. I very quickly typed that up, so I had a reference point. I'm not convinced that "Reset your password" is the best subject either, as that's what the page is that sends the emails is called...

The emails show in your designated client as from Asperger's Network, so I'm not so worried about over-shadowing.

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