MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
So I thought it could be fun to have a place to just dump random questions, comments, images relating to our MyBB projects. So if you're wondering why you're not getting members, or working on a new theme and want to share it, here's a good place to dump it without spamming new threads everywhere Smile

For myself, I'm working on V4 of Harajuju, which isn't so much of an overhaul as V3 as it is a refinement of the existing concepts. Improving styling slightly, reducing the use of images in the interface, etc.

First on the chopping block is Haralooks. Here's what is currently:

[Image: JQ8bz.png]

And here's where it's headed.

[Image: Jemh5.png]
[Image: BrFf5.png]

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