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(2012-11-15, 03:36 PM)euantor Wrote: It is perfectly do-able. 1.8 isn't meant to be such a massive feature update though. It was originally just going to be a refresh with a new theme and jQuery as the JavaScript library. It's already outgrown it's original plan. Take it up with the devs basically Wink

2.0 is what, a 2013 release? 2014 maybe? 1.8 is already behind, for sure, but this is one of the most critical improvements that could be made to give the software some longevity. Most of MyBB's problems are design problems, not feature problems.

Threaded PMing is a 2010 feature. The fact that we're looking at 2 more years without it – and stranding people who are unable to upgrade to 2.0 immediately due to custom work – is pretty shocking.

As long as 1.8 is going to be released at all, it should be as complete as possible. That's my opinion.

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