MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
This is just a little project I'm working on for the hell of it. It's not ever going to go live since it's not really a good idea I don't think, but I thought I'd try and build it anyways and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

I'm trying to make a micro-blog type thing using MyBB. Something along the same lines of GetMeRated or DailyBooth. Oh, and yes, I know the theme is ugly and the icons don't match but right now I'm working on functionality more than design.

So instead of being welcomed by a set of forums, you arrive at a "live stream" of people's newest posts.
[Image: jkRcdnOlcDNCt.png]

On that part, I'm thinking about just getting rid of the blue bars and just giving the pictures a boarder.

Than a post looks like this.

[Image: jWv6gM58zZt7S.png]

I mean, so far everything is pretty simple and basic but I'm working on it.

Some things I'd like to do is:

1. Find a way to have a "Friends Feed", so you only see posts from people you've added to your buddy list.

2. Make the new thread page really simple. It doesn't need to have all those options, just a place to enter a comment and upload a picture. I'd get rid of the subject if I could figure out how to get around putting a subject in. Granted I haven't tried very hard to figure that out.

3. Add an upload image option to the quick reply page.

4. I forgot my four.

Like I said, not anything fantastic, but it's a project to keep myself busy with Toungue

EDIT: I stole a couple ideas from you, I hope you don't mind brad. Toungue

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