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(2012-11-17, 03:10 AM)Seabody Wrote: I'm working on a plugin to try to integrate the WDtN Short URL API into a forum. If I finish it (mainly trying to figure out how the hell to insert the link into a template), I'll ask Eric/Euan/FMB/WDtN in general if I can release it. Meantime though, it's still hidden on my main site.

Update: I've managed to get everything to work right except for the final link - it's always throwing my testing "Unable to generate short link" error at me. Sad

I don't see any problem with you releasing it Smile I made one for WeDesign after I set up the shortener. Here's the basic code behind it if you're needing help:

Hook: newthread_do_newthread_end

global $db, $mybb, $url, $tid;

$curl = curl_init('');
        CURLOPT_TIMEOUT         =>  30,
        CURLOPT_POST            =>  1,
        CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS      =>  array('url' => $mybb->settings['bburl'].'/'.$url),
$result = curl_exec($curl);

$result = json_decode($result);

if (!$result->error) {
    $db->update_query('threads', array('shortlink' => $db->escape_string($result->slug)), "tid = '". (int) $tid."'");

Then for WD I used a Laravel task file to iterate through old threads and generate a new shortlink. I don't seem to have that file anymore though. It was pretty simple to create.

Because of the use of JSON you'll have to make it clear the plugin is only for > PHP 5.2. Most people should be running versions newer than that though...

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