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[Tutorial] How to Help Secure your Forums from being Hacked/DDOSED
(2012-12-09, 11:52 PM)kamz89 Wrote: I got a question, if I delete all the records except the ones you said don't then would they be any problem(s) with sending mail or not?

If you rely on PHP Mail, then no problem.

If you use an SMTP Server, like NameCheaps OX Mail, they will ask you too add a few records which is totally fine.

Also @ Nathan,

The reason I suggest just buying a small VPS to host your site is,

The cost of shared hosting is $3 - $7 for month depending on who you pick, on average.

The cost of a small VPS is around $3 - 6 which will run a small Webserver just fine.

So why not take advantage of that, and hide your servers IP, so it's not possible for anyone to DDOS you, or shell bruteforce.

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