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Delete user but keep ban on email
I have come from a background of phpBB and SMF so I am trying to get used to the user ban/delete system.

On SMF I can ban a user by email address which seems to work ok. When I delete a bunch of banned users it keeps the email address ban in the system. This way I can clear up all the banned users without them returning later on. Is there a way of doing this on myBB?

I also liked the way on SMF that when banning an obvious spammer you could check the box for IP, email, username etc all at the same time. In myBB it seems you have to go into the admin section to do an IP ban and also do it manually?

Sorry if I have misunderstood, just trying to get to grips with this system. Seems a little basic to me, although maybe I have missed something (or maybe there is a plugin to make it better)?

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Delete user but keep ban on email - by sp3ctre - 2013-01-16, 12:13 PM

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