Sports Tipping (pooling)
Hi all,

I am in the process of rewriting a Joomla plugin I wrote in 2009 to handle sports tipping competitions. I am bringing this over to my MyBB install.

Basically it allows you to set up rounds and games, my site is a rugby league site) and your users can tip who they think will win, plus margins and scores etc.

On my site we have a weekly winner as well as an annual winner.

The plugin allows you to add multiple competitions, and have unlimited users, you can CSV import games and rounds as well as script your own import mech (which I will be providing link ins from my site to handle this for a subscription, i.e. we will be able to provide the results data etc.


I wanted to see if there was any interest in this. Because at the moment I am coding this for my site, but if there is enough interest for this I will release it for others to use.


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