Not Solved Need Help on Skin Based on MyBB Default
Not Solved

This is using the default MyBB forum template.

I removed the Threads / Views a while back, which caused the colspans and stuff to go out of whack.

I fixed all of them, except for the ones in the subforum displays. If you pay attention to the right hand corner, you'll see parts where there's more of a border (it should appear like the other forums border-wise).

I would think it was a colspan issue, but I can't find a colspan that is affecting that. If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Smile

EDIT: I swore it was also appearing in FF2 and IE7, but it seems it's a Opera-only problem (probably due to FF2 and IE7 inherrently not picking up the coding error I created). Still, it would be nice if the problem could be fixed. Smile
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